Friday, August 02, 2013

Save the Dates

When planning a wedding there are so many options of things that you can do; the sky is the limit it seems these days (as long as you have the $$). One thing I discovered throughout this whole process is the idea of Save the Dates. I had never really heard of these before until I started going into these wedding forums. I don't think the whole idea has really hit Canada yet because I have never got one.

Here are some examples of some cute save the dates:

There is no denying that they are cute but at $1.50 a pop? 

I did some reading and researching and "etiquette" says to send these out about 4 months in advance.... and then you send your actual invitations 2 months in advance... So I wondered what the point is of even sending these things out.

To me, it was a waste of money. I can understand if you have the money, then totally go for it, but they didn't end up in the mailboxes of my friends and family. 

So yea, I just thought I would share because I know when I was first planning my wedding I was extremely confused and hopefully this will be helpful to you on deciding whether or not to spend the money on these because like 99% of your wedding.... they are optional.

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