Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moving process + vacation!

Here is where we are at in the moving process....

All the stuff we wanted to sell on Craigslist is sold. Now we just have to donate a few things and bring some other things to the dump. Most of the living room is packed as you can see except for things we want to use until then. I haven't started on the other rooms yet. 

As for this Easter weekend, we are off to Vegas! So there will be no throwback Thursday or soapbox Sunday this week but I haven't forgotten about the favourite products at the end of the month, that will just bit a few days late :) 

Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm a little bit weird, if you haven't been able to tell already. If I eat right after I wake up, I feel like I'm going to vomit. Not even lying. I love breakfast foods and I do eat it... a couple hours after I've woken up. The problem is, during the week I don't have time to wait a couple hours ya know? I used to have yogurt but that is hard to get eat while I'm driving... I wouldn't recommend that!

So I started making myself smoothies. Here is the recipe of this awesome, LACTOSE FREE smoothie I have every morning. I will eventually switch it up, but this works right now :)

 1 Banana
1 Cup Frozen Blueberries
1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
Some water to thin
Blend and pour into cup :)
Too simple right? I know I said some water, I usually just play around. Maybe half a cup or something depending on how runny you want it. I am sensitive to lactose and it is nice to find a smoothie that doesn't have milk or yogurt into it. Because the smoothie is berry centric (I just made that up), there are tons of antioxidants in it which is always great too and the banana makes it nice and frothy. 

Did you know: Vitamin B12 is what reduces stress in your body? If you don't have enough than your stress levels will probably be off the carts. Bananas have tons of B12 in them :) 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

SoapBox Sunday: Chatrooms

This week I did a little number on how mean people are in chat rooms! I'm sure anybody who has ever been in one agrees... Unless you were the mean one. 

Table Numbers

I've made all our table numbers for the wedding. 
Here is a little preview of what they will look like.

 And the other side..

If you guessed that we are doing the table numbers corresponding with pictures of us at each age, you are correct. I really liked that idea. I got the stick on numbers from Michaels and the frames are those 99 cent ones from Ikea. Such an easy and cheap project. 

I made them for up to 15 tables plus the head table (which is us as infants). I probably won't have 15 tables but I always like to be prepared, just in case!

Frames: $16 
Picture prints: $6
Numbers: $16 (These were the most expensive unfortunately but they weren't as expensive as they would have been without the Michael's coupons.)
Total: $38

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Throwing back to Spring Break of Grade 7 (which is 2005)
We went over to 100 Mile House to this Spa that had horseback riding so I was all over that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Wedding

These past 2 years have been a busy time in my family. 
Back in June, you may remember I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. Well in February, we made a trip out to Toronto for my cousin on the other side of my family. She got married on February 9th which was incidentally the day before Brandyn's birthday so he got to spend it in Toronto.

The wedding was great and my cousin of course looked gorgeous. I think some of the prettiest people around happen to be my cousins. I just don't know what happened to me! Ha! 

My cousin Kim is in this picture, she was the maid of honor.
Little Sawyer (another cousin's baby)

It was a really good time and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one because I believe it is mine! Although my other cousin may be getting married in September but I guess they aren't sure yet. It is hard for them to plan because he is in the military and they don't know when he will be deployed. I couldn't imagine not being able to!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Soapbox Sunday: Craigslist

I'm introducing a new feature called SoapBox Sunday. We do this feature at the radio station in school and it is so much fun to do and listen to so I've decided to transfer that over here.

At the moment, I am having technical difficulties with my camera. For some reason, I can only take videos for 45 seconds or so and then it cuts off which ... does not make me happy! I've tried everything I see online but at this point it is looking like I have to phone into Nikon which is lame!

So I apologize in advance for the absolute crap quality this is and for how quiet I am. I used the webcam on my laptop.... If I don't get my camera fixed up by then I will probably use my phone next time because that will be better than using this!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Preacher Lauren

In celebration of my birthday, I typed up 21 life lessons that I have... well learned over the past 21 years! One of the things I mentioned was that it is always a no unless you ask and I got some core examples here. 

So Olive Garden is having this deal right now 2 can dine for 35 type stuff so I'm not going to go into the details because I'm not promoting their restaurant for them but they had a list of items that were specific to this promo that you could order. You couldn't order anything off the menu. My favourite dessert at the Olive Garden is their hot donuts one. So unbelievably good. It wasn't on that list. Brandyn was like oh that's lame and I was like yea I'm going to ask. And he said, I don't think they'll do it. Well! I asked the girl and I said because it is the same price as this cake (which was on the list) and she said she'll go check with her manager. Needless to say, I got the donuts on my table! If I hadn't asked, I wouldn't have gotten them. 

Another time was when I was in my favourite store. I had remembered seeing a promo in my email but when I was in the store I didn't see anything about it. When I went to pay for my stuff I asked the girl about the promo and she said their location wasn't participating BUT if I liked their Facebook page she can give me 25% off. Now would you look at that. Everything I bought was on sale, and I got an extra 25% off my entire purchase.

So as you can see, I practice what I preach! I just thought I would give everyone a heads up just in case you were thinking I was full off kaka.


This has been me everyday this week ha! Too bad it is over on Monday :(

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's Thursday again.... In this edition I've rounded up the last random pictures I have of 2004. This was around the time of my grade 6 grad and my Dad came down! The pictures include some camping, go-carting and sitting at Harrison Beach waiting for Canada Day fireworks!

Here I was learning how to play poker. I guess learning so early is what made me such a shark now... or maybe its the emotionless face.... either way.. I'm known to be pretty good ;)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

I know this was like over a month ago (February 3rd) but since this was my last birthday spent on the west coast, I wanted to go do some touristy things that I haven't done before. See, I had been to Seattle but I never did anything too touristy so I wanted to spend a couple days doing all of that before we moved.

We left on the Saturday and went up the Space Needle. Then we walked over to the Pike Place Market and had a look around and then walked up to the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner! The next day we ended up going back to the Cheesecake Factory (there is just so much on the menu!) and then to the Museum of Flight which was really cool. At one point, I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot but gave up that when I realized I probably didn't have the guts to do it .... mainly as soon as I realized I might have to "eject" !!!

Stay tuned because our touristy adventures will continue. I have never been to Whistler! I know gasp right I've lived near Vancouver for 18 years and never been to Whistler.... well actually I have but I was 2 or something like that so it doesn't count in my eyes because I can't remember. So I think during Easter weekend or maybe next weekend we might take a day trip up there! Like I said, I have to do all these things before I leave because there is no way I am moving out of here without being able to say I've done this stuff!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Today marks 1 year since my first post. Can you believe it?
When I first decided to start this blog I definitely didn't think anybody would ever look at it.
I'm sitting at 2701 blog views as I write this which is phenomenal!

I am very thankful you have chosen to stick with me through my random posts and pictures of my cats! 

If you want to subscribe to my blog feel free to do so, just scroll down the side and you will see a spot to put your email. Every time I post, it will send to your mail! 

 Anyway, just because, I will send off with this sweet picture of my kittay! 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Toronto lovin

Can I just say I j'adore (I know that is completely incorrect the way I used that) Toronto! 
I actually can not wait to do my internship there this April! I get to spend a month just wandering around the city (after work of course) and going into all the shops and having a looksies (cause my internship is sans pay of course)! 

Anyway here is a picture I found on the interweb! 

Normally, I hate the rain and anything to do with it (mostly because I live in Vancouver and deal with it everyday of my life) but the way that the lights are gleaming off the road makes it pretty!

On another note... I can't ignore that when you are actually driving with lights reflecting off the road, that is extremely annoying....

Now some of you may wonder why on earth I would ever want to move away from Vancouver. Well my friends, different strokes for different people and Vancouver does not stroke my happy bone. 
It's like how some people love New York and hate LA and vice versa... PS I love New York and hate LA. Anyway yes, I just thought I would share this lovely picture :)


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This Thursday, I have chosen pictures from 2004.. again. Still in that year haha. 
It was the end of the soccer game and we had won provincials I think?

Haha I love the way my body has been captured. It's so feminine!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How To: Remove Stickers

 We all did it as a kid and if you have kids, they have probably done it.. or will. 
People put stickers on things and later you will think jeez, why did I do that.

Brandyn put stickers on his TV. So now that we are moving, we are selling it. I wanted to remove the stickers though... If I kept those stickers, we would be only opening it up to a narrow demographic of people on craigslist! 

As you can see I already started to remove a couple stickers by the time I figured out I should blog about this..... One of them deemed to be quite easy to remove and the other quite tough. I think it depends on how old the sticker is.... so how do we remove these suckers? 

Well there are many ways... I heard vinegar but I was like ya know.. I don't want to put vinegar on a TV.... so I used a blow dryer! 

So you just hold the blow dryer over the sticker for a bit... longer for stubborn ones, and then you will see little air bubbles start to form and it should be quite easy to peel off. 

Some of them peel off extremely easy.

No more stickers! Seems too easy right? There was some sticky film left and I'm sure that can be removed easily with some water or whatever but I didn't care that much.... because we're selling it. :)

Oh.. and ... we have one box packed!