Sunday, October 28, 2012

Radio Feature - Echoes

Here are a few features I did called Echoes for the Evo radio station. The features are about the history of somewhere in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area. I did 5 but I'm only putting my two favourite ones!

Echoes - The Cloverdale Rodeo

Echoes - Mackin House

Enjoy :) 

Our Places

So a while back I took a bunch of photos of our place so I thought I'd give you a tour. There has been many changes since then which is another reason I'm showing you this. As I organize and clean up my home (going to school full time and working full time leaves little time for cleaning and a lot of clutter build up everywhere) I can take new pictures showing the changes! :)

Our bathroom is the only place that hasn't had any changes to it so far.. I mean, there isn't much to work with. It took me months to get everything in the bathroom unpacked because of the lack of storage. I will post something about the organization of that as well. 

Our living room has had some changes to its decor. If you have been following, you will know that bookcase is completely different. Have some little things added to the decor as well.

 The kitchen has very little change to it, just some organizational things that are of course hidden in the cupboards haha! I will post about those as well.

The bedroom has had major changes! Can't wait to share those, I'm really happy with it now - it looks less college dorm and more chic. Yes, Brandyn at first disagreed with some decor aspects I've added and I did listen at first but... a series of events ended up with us having purple in the bedroom! :)

 And... our closet. Sorry, our "walk-in" closet. You can't actually walk into it without being suffocated by clothes but you gotta work with what you got right? 

So anyways, I posted a bunch of times that I will post about something later because it holds me accountable to actually do it! haha There's been lots of changes that I can't wait to show, some for decor purposes and some for functional purposes that are not so pretty. And.. that is all :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Alright, so I've been a little M.I.A. for a while. I've been quite busy with stuff but that just means there will be some more blog posts coming up :)

One thing I wanted to share was this new community I've recently joined call Influenster. Basically you review products and if you are lucky get products sent to you to review. I'm really excited to be able to start so I will start with my first review - of the website.

When I got invited to Influenster (which I had to request, after I heard about it through a friend who adores it).. I admit I had a little trouble figuring out exactly what it was. It definitely is one of those things where you need to read every bit of this website. I'm still trying to figure it out myself but it is very user friendly and easy to access all the information you need.

One thing that I would think would be great for them to have is kind of a starters package type thing. Basically an online pamphlet that comes up to you right away in email or a pop-up to help better explain how you can get started and such.

If you want to check it out for yourself, visit here

Monday, October 08, 2012

Coffee Can Repurposing

In this day and age, we have countless amounts of electronic devices everywhere. We also have countless amounts of chargers and cord for these devices everywhere. I hate opening my drawers and seeing a big mess of wires everywhere so after seeing an idea on Pinterest a long time ago, I got to work on my next project.

I started with some wrapping paper from wallpaper, mod podge, and a coffee can

I washed and stripped the coffee can of it's paper and then placed it on the 
other side of my cutting board because I don't have a craft mat... easier clean up

I love this wrapping paper because it has grid lines on it. It's Hallmark Expressions. 
Made it so much easier for measuring and cutting.

So I measured out and cut the strip of paper

I applied the mod podge with my foundation brush --- don't be shocked it's all I had and I thoroughly cleaned it away! Anyway ... it worked. I didn't have a brush on me or a sponge.

Then, I applied the paper. I suggest you cut it a little bit bigger and then cut with an exacto knife. 
The mod podge was extremely sticky and it went on a little crooked. 

There you have it! A spot for all chargers hidden away but easy to find!


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Bookshelf Hack

I am excited to be finally sharing this project with you! This is my first real DIY project and I'm so happy with how it turned out. When Brandyn and I moved into our first apartment my Mom gave us this bookshelf for free. It was ugly but it was free and we needed something.

It almost looks better in the picture than it did in person....

So we took it apart and sanded it which was really important cause it was cheap shiny wood.

The person in home depot suggested that we use this spray paint primer. We actually ran out so when we went to get paint we bought another but then ran out of that again so we kind of just said eh .. Well if you get the behr paint. I can't speak for the other ones.. it wasn't needed.

 We used the color Refreshing Pool for the inside of the bookcase and just a plain white for the outside. I love it.

This was after the first coat but to be safe, especially since we didn't prime parts, we did a second one.

And the finished product :) I love love how it turned out and it is so great being able to walk in my apartment see it and think... we did that. It was also my first painting job so that was a big deal too :)

On a side note I also thought, hey if we end up having a baby boy someday we can put this in the nursery :)