Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favourites

1. Moroccanoil Curl Control Cream - I bought this stuff a couple years ago and I haven't had to replenish it at all yet so the money is well spent. Before this, I would use hairspray on my curls which of course made them all crunchy and gross but this stuff makes the curls look nice and not frizzy and not too poufy either. It usually looks even better the next day after it has been slept on and it makes your hair smell great!

2. Garage Parka Jacket - I bought this jacket this month and it has become my favourite jacket ever. It is so comfortable and has a nice big hood and huge pockets which is so nice (cause we all know women's clothes never get real pockets and if we do they are extremely small). Even though it is light, it is still warm and sweaters fit under it quite nicely anyway. What is funny is I texted my friend this jacket to tell her about it and she told me she already had it and loves it as well! For those who don't live in Canada there is a similar one here.

3. John Freida Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo - Not really much to say. I love this shampoo, it smells great and my hair is really soft which is saying a lot considering I bleached it and colored it purple!

4. John Freida Frizz Ease Smooth Start Conditioner - Basically the same as I said above. I've always loved the John Freida products.

5. Schwarzkopf Osis+ Curl Me Soft Velvet Curl Cream - You are probably wondering why I have two curl creams. I bought this one a little bit after the other one. The thing with the moroccanoil one is it is a little heavy. This one is a little bit lighter but doesn't smell as great. I use both interchangeably. With this one I suggest using a diffuser to dry your hair a bit. It makes it a little more bouncy but you don't have to either.

Throwback Thursday

November 2004
We took a trip to San Francisco and I have to say, that is one amazing city. I love it there.
Below are some pretty entertaining pictures of my 12 year old self. I was almost 13 and going through this awkward stage so I didn't want to be in any picture.....

Monday, February 25, 2013


We are moving to Brampton, which is a suburb of Toronto!
For those wondering, this picture was taken from the top tower at Casa Loma. If you ever go to Toronto, you should go check that out. It is the only castle in North America.

This move has been in the works for a while, I just didn't want to say anything until it was officially official. Well now, the flights and moving truck are booked. So I guess for the next month and a bit you will be following me through my adventure with a big giant move across Canada.

If you are wondering what this kind of move is costing us here is the breakdown so far:

Flights: $580 - that is for both of us and after tax
Cats: $112 - Because we are bringing the cats in the cabin with us, we had to pay $50 per cat plus tax
Moving truck: $1400ish - this is an estimate because we will have to see what the truck weighs in at.

Some of you may ask, why are you getting a moving truck, why don't you just sell your furniture and buy there? Well, did you see the cost of our moving truck? To sell our used furniture, we wouldn't even get half of what we paid for it. To buy things like couches and mattresses and desks... that stuff is expensive to replace. Just a couch and a mattress would run over 1000 and then we would have to ship all of our small stuff anyway. So that is why we got a moving truck. It is cheaper. 

We are also selling our vehicles. They are old and not worth taking across the country. So here is the game plan. On April 15th, our moving truck is coming to pick up our furniture and stuff. We are going to have a weeks worth of stuff packed in a suitcase that we will need to hold us over until it arrives in Ontario. Then we are going to clean the apartment, my mom will pick us up and we will stay at her place. On April 16th, we will drive to Vancouver airport and be off!

There is so much to do between now and then (like finishing school hah!) so moving and packing will mostly be what my blog is about up until then. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bathroom Organization

 I posted quite a few months ago a tour of our apartment. And then I posted a little bit later that I've made some changes and I never did post updates about that... but that is OK because I made even more changes! This is what it looked like before:

Now I never took pictures of the inside of my cupboards...they were a disaster anyway. These were my problem areas: 
1. No storage space. As you can see there is one cupboard and a large windowsill. 
2. No place for toilet paper. We just kept it on the floor but Gizmo likes to eat plastic for some reason and so he would always chew on the bag!
3. That basket on the windowsill holding my stuff. I don't really like it, it is not my style. Instead I want to get some baskets to put our hair and bath stuff in.
4. Storage for my hair tools.

Alright here is the after: 

As you can see, I put the towels on the ledge. Obviously it is not the prettiest thing I can do but something I can work with for now. 

Toilet paper issue solved! I found this basket that was the perfect size to fit in between the wall and the toilet and it is nice and deep so it fits all the rolls in a regular 12 double roll package!

The inside of the cupboard.... As you can see I put the basket in the cupboard. I basically switched it with the towels. I find this a little easier for me to access it (cause I'm short) and it hides it until I can get some pretty baskets for it. Starting on the left, in the very back which you can't see, I have a makeup bag filled with all our travel sized/sample stuff. Its in the back because the only time we access it is when we are packing for trips. The shelf is a locker shelf that I've had for years and years. On the top is my makeup bin and the other makeup bag I have is filled with hair stuff. 

On the bottom, there is a blue bin I got from the dollar store. I have random stuff in there like aloe vera and extra bar soap, nail polish remover, etc. Then I have my lady stuff fitted around it. The black bag in the front is full of Brandyn's bathroom stuff and then behind it is my nail polish bag. 

So this basket has all of my bathroom stuff. In the back is sunscreen because we don't need it now. Then I have bath stuff like bubble bath and bath bombs. I don't take baths that often, that stuff tends to build up haha. Then is my hair stuff and lotion. 

This (and the toilet paper basket) are my favourite parts of this bathroom. They fixed major annoyances. I bought this off of Beyond the Rack which is a flash sale website. It has a spot for my blow dryer, hair straightener and then I shove my brushes in there as well!

The bathroom isn't perfectly organized to my liking but it works for now and since we are making a big change pretty soon, I have no plans to buy anything else since we are trying to downsize. It also goes to show that you don't always need fancy dividers or all that jazz to make something organized. You can just use stuff you may already have like... tons of makeup bags!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

2004 , September or October I'm thinking. 
This was on Pender Island. It is one of the Gulf Islands in BC.

What I find funny about this picture is that even though I was 12 in that picture, I still wear that sweater... quote often actually! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life Lessons

I celebrated my 21st birthday back on February 3rd and even though I am young, I have definitely learned a ton, especially over the last couple years. So here is a little wisdom :) 

1. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.
My best friends Mom told me this back when I was like 16 or so and it has stuck with me because it is true. When something happens, it may feel like everything is falling apart but it will work itself out and a year from the problem or maybe 2 years from it depending on the problem, you'll look back and be like, "Wow, I thought that was way more of an issue than that was." 

2. The truth will always come out.
Believe it or not I learned this one from growing up watching soap operas. Don't lie. Seriously. It's humiliating for the person you lied to and yourself and the truth always comes out. Whether it is years after the lie was told or 5 minutes, it will and the longer it goes on, the worse it will be. 

3. People will see what they want to see.
If someone wants to see flaws in you, they will see flaws in you no matter what you do. If someone wants to see the good in someone, they will see the good in someone. So my lesson here is that you can't change someone's view of you or view of other things (there are always exceptions though). 

 4. Don't take anything personally.
Nothing others do is because of you. What they say and do is a projection of their own reality (which brings me back to lesson numero 3). When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others you will be so much happier. Seriously. But also... that doesn't give you a right to go be rude to other people and then say, "Well that's just what they believe I did..." No no... still be a nice person! lol 

5. Sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do to find out you don't want to do it.
Does that make sense?! Some of my friends decided not to go to college until they figured out what they wanted to do. When I graduated, I wanted to be a lawyer. I went to school all ready to do my undergrad in psych and then go on to law school. Within the first month of university I threw that out the window. By trying it, I figured out I didn't want to do it. So if you are not sure if you want to do something or not, try it. I mean yea when it comes to university that can break your bank but better than always wondering if you could have done it or not right? 

6. There are people in this world who won't take responsiblity for anything. Drop them.
I'm sure you've come across them. All their issues are always someone else's fault. They also seem to have more drama than anyone you have ever met. That is why. You are going to have conflicts with people. They are going to do something that will hurt your feelings or annoy you. If you can't ever have a confrontation with them about it without them turning it around on you, you will be really frustrated. Better to just stay away from those people until they grow up because let's face it; they need a reality check.

7. Always, always follow your gut!
I can't stress this enough. Your intuition will always be right. There were so many times where I pressured myself to do something that I didn't really want to do and something bad always happened. There are also people I always got a bad vibe around and sure enough, after a while they showed their true colors. Its unreal how your gut can foresee things like that. 

8. Don't Compare your everyday life to someone's highlight reel.
No one is going to post about all the bad stuff that happens on their Facebook but the bad stuff does happen and I know a few people who are very unhappy with their life but you would never be able to tell from their Facebook posts. I've come to notice the more someone posts how "awesome" or "amazing" their life is, it probably is the exact opposite. If it was really that awesome, they wouldn't be posting about it on Facebook they would be enjoying it. So yea, don't sit and feel sorry for yourself because you think they are so much happier than you. They probably aren't. Everybody has their problems. 

9. You are always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel.
Everybody has their issues in life and skeletons in their closet but not everybody goes around treating other people like dirt. I hate hearing the excuse, "Oh well you know, they've been through a lot." So have a lot of people. Again, you are always responsible for how you act.

10. You become the people you hang out with.
You do. At one point I was hanging out with someone who always complained and over time I started to be really negative in my everyday life. Go find happy and fun people to hang out with. 

11.  It is always a no if you don't ask.
I think I tell my friend this one like everyday. It never hurts to ask. I think a lot of people are afraid of rejection but I mean if you are nervous about it just throw in, "Just thought I'd ask." That seems to always make it innocent! Haha 

12. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
I didn't come up with that one but I 100% back it up. Some people spend their money on huge houses and designer clothes and expensive cars... that's all nice I guess but traveling is so amazing. The world is full of so many different cultures and ways of living and food and if you get the chance to go see that, you open your mind to so many things. 

13. You don't meet boyfriends at bars/clubs.
Most guys go to bars to get some. The percentage of guys who want a relationship to come out of a one night stand is pretty low so if you want to take that chance go for it but you are looking in the wrong place. I once read somewhere that the most common place people have met their significant other is a grocery store or on a sports team or club. GET OUT THERE... stop wasting your money on alcohol. 

14. Never looking at your budget and never making a budget is the same thing
True fact. B and I have tried to make budgets in the past but it never worked because we never looked at it and it was hard for us to track, especially me since I didn't know what was going on with his bank account. We have now employed a new cash system that I learned on Til debt do us part. It works for us.

15. Have a plan but be ready to change it.
I am a planner. I plan everything to every little detail. I used to freak out and go into anxiety panic attack when plans change. Like even the littlest things... if a dinner date had to get cancelled I would get anxiety. I know you are screaming I'm a control freak but about 2 years ago my entire life plan got kicked in the can. I still think its important to have a plan. You need goals, you need to know where you are going and have a finish line or you might be flailing. But... it's OK to change it up a bit if a wrench gets thrown in it. 

16. People never change.
That is a very broad generalization but for the most part, they don't. They are who are they are and that is probably who they have always been. Ever wonder why people never stick to those new years resolutions....because they don't change! 

17. You can't fix other peoples problems.
And most of the time, they don't want help. I always try to fix problems for people, I am a problem solver and that was a tough one for me to learn. I just realized it this year actually. They have to fix their own problems and the only way they will learn is if they come up with the solution themselves. 

18. Don't worry about making other people happy.
You are not responsible for them. The only people you are responsible for are you and your kids (until they turn 18). Stop worrying about other people and what they think. 

19. Give without expectation.
Do not offer to help someone and then turn around and throw it back in their face. That is a very rubbish thing to do. I'm trying not to use foul language and that is the word I came up with haha! Anyways, if you feel in anyway like you are going to be put out if you help someone else out and you are going to expect something back from them, don't help them. Again, you are not responsible for them, their problems or their happiness. I have never had anyone treat me this way but B has and let me tell you, it is not a good situation for either party.

20. Always be a team player.
In the work force especially, you will experience people stabbing you in the back. They will go for a promotion after you told them about it, they will tell the boss when you screw up, take your idea. It is inevitable. I could tell you to always keep things to yourself and you could do that but for me, who is honest to a fault, it usually slips out. Just don't do it yourself because managers don't like when people go snitching. They want to have team players. I've never been a manager myself but I've been around enough to know. Those people will get theirs, which brings me to my last point.

21. Karma is real.
I swear by it. When someone does something shady, just sit back and watch them self destruct. Those snitches, and liars, and cheaters... they always get revealed and nobody likes people like that! Don't try and hurry the process because you will end up looking bad. Just sit back with your popcorn :) 



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Celebrating in fine fashion - pink milk and french macaroons!! 

And Gizmo wants you to be his Valentine :)

Hope everyone has an awesome day and remember even if you are single, you still have a family that loves you!! <3

Throwback Thursday

June 2004 (12)

Ha ha - so this was at my aunt's wedding. I was a bridesmaid.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day in the life of Lauren

I always wanted to do one of these but every single week is different for me because of our rotating jobs and stuff. A couple weeks ago were the most consistent because I had the same job rotation for 2 weeks so I decided that would be a good snapshot of what goes on in my life... at least ... these past few weeks (ha!)

I get up at 4am and quickly get ready. Not much effort will ever be put in at that time. 

Gizmo also likes to keep me company while I do this 
(please excuse the pile on the floor. we have to cover the toilet paper bag because Gizmo tries to eat it!) 

Then I drive to Joanne's house to pick her up, we are co hosting these 2 weeks but I usually pick her up anyway on the way to school so I can take the HOV lane (express way for commuters!)

Off we go to. "West" to Vancouver

We go on air from 5:30 am to 10 am. Afterwards I'll go to a class for about 2 hours. If I have a class while I'm on air, I have to miss it and make it up on my own time.

Then, I head home which takes about a half hour or so. 
Gizmo is always there to greet me. = ) 

Then I start to tackle my to-do list. Yes, I put my TV shows on my list of things to do :P

Well... I try to do my to do list. I end up succumbing to my sleepyness and head to bed for a nap.
Gizmo comes too... 

Brandyn gets home a little bit after 4 and he showers and stuff and then wakes me up at 5ish which I am thankful for because I would probably sleep all night and as you can see from my to do list... I don't have that option. I get up, turn my shows on and start the catch up.

During my TV shows, I do my workout.... and Gizmo takes my seat and watches

Then I have to do my show prep for the next morning. 

Before I go to bed, I make my smoothie because it is really loud and not very nice to Brandyn or my landlords to be running a blender at 4 am! 

And I head to bed around 11 pm. 
Gizmo joins me again :)

So yea.. that is the basics of what I do. The radio station I work at, we rotate jobs every week so my schedule changes but I usually go to school, go home, do what I need to do and then my shift and school.

The past week has been really busy trying to get everything done before I took my trip to Toronto! I will be posting on that in a couple days.