365 Day Challenge

This is my 365 Day Challenge. I will post a picture taken every day of the year!

June 14th 2013

June 14th 2013
Ooo what am I doing?!

June 12th 2013
Geek Squad

June 11th 2013

June 10th 2013

June 9th 2013
Digging into my registry

June 8th 2013
Gizmo always sits under the desk when I'm at the computer. So tender

June 7th 2013
Love it!

June 6th 2013

June 5th 2013
"Oh kittens.... time for some nail clipping!"

June 4th 2013

June 3rd 2013
New specs

June 2nd 2013
Banished to the backseat

June 1st 2013

May 31st 2013
some nastiness from a defective can

May 30th 2013
Lookin nice and shiny after running in 30 degrees....lol

May 29th 2013

May 28th 2013

May 27th 2013
That kind of day...

May 26th 2013
My family ain't from around here....

May 25th 2013
The shot I got of my brother playing

May 24th 2013
Up bright and early and ready to leave for our 8 hour road trip to Philadelphia

May 23rd 2013
Gizmo wants to come

May 22nd 2013
Cheering on my brother's team in the states this weekend

May 21st 2013
In Ontario and we see a BC plate... see people move here from there

May 20th 2013

May 19th 2013

May 18th 2013

May 17th 2013

May 16th 2013

May 15th 2013
Litter vacuum! 

May 14th 2013

May 13th 2013

May 12th 2013

May 11th 2013
Trying on bridesmaid dresses

May 10th 2013
Leafs game again!

May 9th 2013

May 8th 2013
The rain caused that 70's flip in my hair...

May 7th 2013
The house my Mom grew up in. Still looks like new.

May 6th 2013
lunch on the patio

May 5th 2013

May 4th 2013
Game day!

May 3rd 2013

May 2nd 2013
Pretty ring

May 1st 2013
Go Leafs Go!

April 30th 2013
Tim Horton's rocks!

April 29th 2013

April 28th 2013

April 27th 2013

April 26th 2013
Chetwynd TV

April 25th 2013
View from the train every morning

April 24th 2013
Workin on Vox Pro in TSN studio

April 23rd 2013

April 22nd 2013
The train I take to work

April 21st 2013
Our new ride

April 20th 2013
2 beds but they have to both lie on mine...

April 19th 2013

April 18th 2013
Yummy treats from the Portuguese bakery

April 17th 2013

April 16th 2013
Gizmo in the airport

April 15th 2013
All of our stuff ready to go

April 14th 2013

August 13th 2013

August 12th 2013

April 11th 2013
All my clothes are packed

April 10th 2013
sick and cuddling with my Gizmo

April 9th 2013

April 8th 2013

April 7th 2013

April 6th 2013

April 5th 2013
love this dress

April 4th 2013

April 3rd 2013

April 2nd 2013
Good inspiration

April 1st 2013

March 31st 2013

March 30th 2013

March 29th 2013
In the Coyote Ugly bar in Vegas

March 28th 2013
Gizmo cuddles with me

March 27th 2013
Won an award for best documentary!

March 26th 2013

March 25th 2013

March 24th 2013
On Whistler Blackcomb

March 23rd 2013

May 22nd 2013

May 21st 2013

May 20th 2013

May 19th 2013

March 18th 2013

March 17th 2013
No more dresser... using suitcases to hold our clothes now!

March 16th 2013
She does this to herself...

March 15th 2013
My ginormous kitten

March 14th 2013
Sole purpose in life is to scare everyone that walks through this door

March 13th 2013
Brandyn when he was 14. So sweet.

March 12th 2013

March 11th 2013
This is why Kitty never gets as much spotlight. Grumpy Kitty!

March 10th 2013

March 9th 2013

March 8th 2013

March 7th 2013
I spy something pink!

March 6th 2013
Invitations I designed for our awards night

March 5th 2013

March 4th 2013
My commuting buddy

March 3rd 2013

March 2nd 2013

March 1st 2013
Walked into the room and our table was gone!

February 28th 2013
Poker with popcorn. I won. :)

February 27th 2013
Wish I had a bedroom with better natural light so I could take pictures in my mirror....

February 26th 2013
So excited I finally got a trench coat :)

February 25th 2013
Can I get you something to eat Kitty?

February 24th 2013

February 23rd 2013

February 22nd 2013
Slipper socks... I adore these things

February 21st 2013
Our printer is always crapping out...

February 20th 2013
Gizmo likes his new house

February 19th 2013
Preview of possible bridesmaid dress (but different color)

February 18th 2013
So funny, especially since no one will understand

February 17th 2013
I hate this game..

February 16th 2013

February 15th 2013

February 14th 2013
First one in class... eager beaver?

February 13th 2013
so much stats..

February 12th 2013
Photobooth pictures from the wedding

February 11th 2013
Brandyn being a true Canadian... hockey and Tim Hortons...

February 10th 2013
The Renaissance Hotel at the Sky Dome in Toronto! Such massive rooms.

February 9th 2013
Cousin's Wedding!

February 8th 2013
Wintery winter

February 7th 2013
Why walk when you can wheel?

February 6th 2013
So much luggages...

February 5th 2013
My list of things to do by the end of the next day...

February 4th 2013

February 3rd 2013
Got to sit in a jet on my birthday!

February 2nd 2013
Off to Seattle for the weekend!

February 1st 2013
my favouritee!!!

January 31st 2013
This dog just stood there and watched us the entire time

January 30th 2013
Came into the studio today and the Leafs website was open on a tab!

January 29th 2013
Gizmo never lets me do my homework....

January 28th 2013

January 27th 2013
My chopper that I got  for Christmas. Look how deadly that blade is!

January 26th 2013

January 25th 2012
Mean Muggin

 January 24th 2013

 January 23rd 2013

 January 22nd 2013

 January 21st 2013
 Such crazy fog

 January 20th 2013

January 19th 2013

January 18th 2013
My attempt at a low rolled bun. It'll do

 January 17th 2013

 January 16th 2013
Portuguese Sardines
January 15th 2013
I'm not allowed to go to the bathroom alone

 January 14th 2013
Little birdie prints

January 13th 2013
Bowling with Evolution 107.9. for Variety Children's Charity

January 12th 2013
this couch has my name on it... that means I can take it's mine right?

January 11th 2013

January 10th 2013
Spencer and Thomas - my Mom's kitties

January 9th 2013
Makin a lil somethin somethin for din din

January 8th 2013

January 7th 2013
Got a haircut

January 6th 2013

January 5th 2013

January 4th 2013

January 3rd 2013
Don't ask..

January 2nd 2013
Kitty never sits on my lap.

January 1st 2013

December 31st 2012
Watching the NYE party in Toronto

December 30th 2012
Appy at mine and B's favourite Indian Restaurant

December 29th 2012

December 28th 2012
A picture I took of Gizmo with my brand new camera :)

December 27th 2012
= D

December 26th 2012

December 25th 2012
Brandyn and I had to drive around looking for a store that was open because we had no food when we got back from Mexico! Planned to eat all our perishables before we left... didn't plan for when we got back!

December 24th 2012
Gizmo was such a suck when we got home

December 23rd 2012
I named him Muchacho!

December 22nd 2012

December 21st 2012

December 20th 2012

December 19th 2012

December 18th 2012

December 17th 2012
My "weee" face. That is literally what I was squealing

December 16th 2012
My Mom wanted a picture of my purple bun haha

December 15th 2012
RCMP Bear at Vancouver Int. Airport

December 14th 2012
Gizmo getting in the Christmas spirit

December 13th 2012
My friend's daughter waitng so patiently for a snack

December 12th 2012

December 11th 2012
Cleaning Day!

December 10th 2012

December 9th 2012

December 8th 2012

December 7th 2012
Came home to a power outage... so candles it is!

December 6th 2012
Productive as always at school...

December 5th 2012
Secret Santa was very good to them!

December 4th 2012

December 3rd 2012

December 2nd 2012

December 1st 2012

November 30th 2012
Bowling/Clown Shoes

November 29th 2012

November 28th 2012
Gizmo loves when we bring home bags for him

November 27th 2012
Kitty is plotting something ...

November 26th 2012

November 25th 2012

November 24th 2012

November 23rd 2012
Waste of a perfectly good coke!

November 22nd 2012
Sally Hansen - Lady Luck. Holiday Nail Polish!

November 21st 2012

November 20th 2012

November 19th 2012
Kitty wants in on this shrimp action

November 18th 2012
Sometimes Gizmo sleeps like this ... lol

November 17th 2012
My DIY Coaster project.

November 16th 2012
Gizmo watching Grey's Anatomy with me

November 15th 2012

November 14th 2012
A stamp from Australia. So cool

November 13th 2012
And Kitty's normal scowl... lol

November 12th 2012
Gizmo with his, "I didn't do anything!" face

November 11th 2012

November 10th 2012
My old Barbie Plane which I took a picture of to put on craigslist.

November 9th 2012
Dyed my hair purple but it will be more purple after its get fixed. 
Didn't turn out as bright as I wanted!

November 8th 2012
Got my hair did. Haha just kidding. This was the first step to dying my hair purple.

November 7th 2012
Check out this piece of succulent goodness

November 6th 2012

November 5th 2012
You ain't got nothin on me ;)

November 4th 2012

November 3rd 2012

November 2nd 2012

November 1st 2012
Gizmo likes to make forts!

October 31st 2012
My makeshift costume... crazy cat lady ;)

October 30th 2012
Kitty apperently likes to sit on her litter box...

October 29th 2012
Gizmo always lays here right beside the bed and sleeps

October 28th 2012

October 27th 2012
My Mom found this at the Portuguese market. Has my name :)

October 26th 2012
Brought home a mat for the door and Gizmo promptly lays on it :)

October 25th 2012
Looked over and Gizmo was just staring at the floor lol

October 24th 2012

October 23rd 2012

October 22nd 2012
I love these so much. I wish I could buy

October 21st 2012
& Gizzy!!!

October 20th 2012

October 19th 2012
I took this to show Brandyn I wasn't going to be home for a while :P
This was just entering the merge to get on the highway and I was stopped!

October 18th 2012
My first media pass :)

October 17th 2012
Everytime I lay the clothes I'm going to wear down, Gizmo sits on them

October 16th 2012
Just doin some promo!

October 15th 2012

October 14th 2012

October 13th 2012
This is what most on-air people look like at 5 am :)

October 12th 2012

October 11th 2012
My show prep :)

October 10th 2012
My friends know me so well :)

October 9th 2012
Gizmo hanging out with me while I was sick

October 8th 2012

October 7th 2012
Gizmo's brother, Spencer

 October 6th 2012

 October 5th 2012

 October 4th 2012
Carrie Underwood Concert!

 October 3rd 2012

 October 2nd 2012

 October 1st 2012
This was the best chicken pot pie I've ever had. I think next time I make it I will post the recipe

 September 30th 2012
Look what this clown did! I had to crawl through my passenger side

 September 29th 2012

September 28th 2012

September 27th 2012
Salmon and a cheesy broccoli casserole :)

September 26th 2012

September 25th 2012
A heritage home turned museum in Surrey. Love the architecture

September 24th 2012
 September 23rd 2012
I like to utilize my space

 September 22nd 2012
I visited the space center .. for my job. Radio is great

September 21st 2012
A bruise I got :(
 September 20th 2012
Brandyn and I went on a dessert date. Yum!

 September 19th 2012
Every morning I have to wait like 10 minutes for my windows to defrost... what else can I do?

 September 18th 2012

September 17th 2012
Ahh... traffic. Everyday. This was my lineup to get on the highway

September 16th 2012
Vancouver from the water
 September 15th 2012

September 14th 2012
My favourite Portuguese dessert

September 13th 2012
The cats love the new rug. Kitty even kind of blends in!

September 12th 2012
I finally got a rug for the living room!
Excuse the mess.. we were painting the bookshelf

 September 11th 2012
This is what I do ...

 September 10th 2012
Not another cat photo...

 September 9th 2012

 September 8th 2012
The view of Canadian islands from American soil

 September 7th 2012
I reiterate what was said below

 September 6th 2012
I'm such a cat lady

 September 5th 2012
Gizmo missed me while I was at school, he stayed by my side all day

September 4th 2012
Gizmo doesn't fit on the cat tree and I sometimes find him sleeping like this.
I wonder if it hurts his neck...

 September 3rd 2012
Gizmo searching for whatever he thinks he found ....

September 2nd 2012
"Ohh I am so prettttyy"

 September 1st 2012
Gizmo looking at his reflection

 August 31st 2012
Wedding Invitations!

 August 30th 2012

August 29th 2012
Gizmo loves boxes

August 28th 2012

August 27th 2012
I let Gizmo play with the last litle bit of toilet paper. He went to town
 August 26th 2012
Gizmo is replacing the toaster...

 August 25th 2012
Next day Gizmo cuddled with me all day :)

 August 24th 2012
I wasn't feeling well so I thought I'd take a picture because.. what else could I do?

August 23rd 2012
...anddd cheese mashed potatoes and chicken kabobs
 August 22nd 2012
Cheese and broccoli quiche i made ... but crustless it seems haha 

 August 21st 2012
The Blue Jays know how to fix my bad hair days ;)

 August 20th 2012
....and he misses me too 

 August 19th 2012
I always miss my Gizmo when I go away

 August 18th 2012
The wedding shoes I found and will be ordering soooon.
I would have bought them there but they didn't have my size.. except for that one but it was all stretched out because it was the sample and all...

 August 17th 2012
Taking a ride around the Oregon Sand Dunes

 August 16th 2012
My Madre and I

 August 15th 2012
Cannon Beach - the infamous Haystack Rocks
 August 14th 2012
Astoria, Oregon 

 August 13th 2012
My walk to the dentist. Took me 8 minutes

 August 12th 2012
Many mornings I was awoken to the city creating their tree graveyard.
At 7 am.

 August 11th 2012
Gizmo loves "his" window sill

August 10th 2012
My friend Shay practically got forced to stay in the car during the air care test.
Toooo funny
 August 9th 2012
Raspberries from the farmers market :)

August 8th 2012
Just a random picture. I love this shirt

 August 7th 2012
My favourite!!

 August 6th 2012

 August 5th 2012
Gizmo was very happy to have me home. I wish I could take him

 August 4th 2012
The 5 hour drive home from Osoyoos

 August 3rd 2012
The Look Out in Osoyoos

August 2nd 2012

 August 1st 2012
Ready to put my boaters lisence to use!

 July 31st 2012
I finally know someone with a boat! We took this camping with us :) 

July 30th 2012

 July 29th 2012
View of my kitchen in the new place. Yes, this was the only picture I took today

 July 28th 2012
I've been waiting so long to get this done :) 

 July 27th 2012
Woke up to Gizmo sleeping against the pillow next to me.. awwe

 July 26th 2012
Excuse the big glob sticking off my head... Gizmo is so tender

 July 25th 2012
A dinner I made. Shrmp + Cheese = Goodness

 July 24th 2012

 July 23rd 2012

July 22nd 2012
"You're leaving again!"
 July 21st 2012

 July 20th 2012
Kenya and I playing

 July 19th 2012
Gizmo always has to be around me..it's like having a child

 July 18th 2012
Got a manicure - also a shot of my engagement ring!

 July 17th 2012

 July 16th 2012
Caught! Brandyn watching the Bachelorette

 July 15th 2012
Gizmo <3

 July 14th 2012
Another lake day :)

 July 13th 2012
The view from the Hyatt hotel in Vancouver

 July 12th, 2012
The flash is really bright lol

 July 11th, 2012
Just me, on the way to the lake

 July 10th 2012
If you look close, Gizmo is sticking his tongue out

 July 9th 2012
A disgusting bug I found when I woke up...

 July 8th, 2012
No words are needed

July 7th, 2012
Enjoying the first real nice weekend of the summer
 July 6th, 2012
Kitty being a creeper

 July 5th, 2012
Gizmo is so tender

 July 4th, 2012
The crowd of girls waiting for Magic Mike

 July 3rd, 2012
Just me, nothing special
 July 2nd 2012
Little dude, meet Gizmo.

 July 1st 2012
Canada Day Fireworks

 June 30th, 2012
Moving day! The bedroom emptied and cleaned. Adios!

 June 29th 2012
Brandyn and I went to go see People Like Us and I saw this movie ad... lol

 June 28th 2012
Preparing to move

 June 27th 2012
Watching Portugal and Spain in the Semi-Finals

 June 26th 2012

 June 25th 2012

 June 24th 2012
My room at my Dad's hasn't changed since it was my brother's nursery. There is the lamp.

 June 23rd 2012
The day of my cousins wedding. My Dad, brother and I

 June 22nd 2012
My brother and I have the same hands/arms.

 June 21st 2012
Ready for Melissa's Wedding Rehearsal

 June 20th 2012
Cole and I hanging out by the pool sippin on some Apple Juice
June 19th, 2012
Scorching day today! 

June 18th, 2012
Just chillin watching the Euro Cup

June 17th, 2012
A plane taking off from Toronto Int. Airport

 June 16th, 2012
Beautiful day to be watching my brother's tournament.

 June 15th, 2012
"Being Erica" - A great show that I spent all this day watching

 June 14th, 2012
My brother's cat Scooby and myself :)

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