Wednesday, April 02, 2014

WIWW: Movie Night

I have always been a little perplexed by what I see some girl wears to the movies. I just don't understand why it is necessary to wear 5 inch heels and mini dresses to a movie theater - you are sitting in the dark for approx. 2 hours....

I am the exact opposite. I like to be as comfortable as possible. Here is a quick snapshot of an outfit you might see me in at the theater. 

Nothing is here is what I actually own but it is pretty much what I will wear. 

I have a pair of fleece lined legging/sweatpants from Roots. Seriously worth every penny. They are the most comfortable pair of pants I have and even though they are sweatpants, they look like leggings. 

I might wear either a pair of moccasins from Forever 21 or just a pair of boots. I like to take my shoes off during the movie and cross my legs - it's all about comfort for me! lol 

And then some kind of over sized chunky sweater with a tank top underneath. The particular sweater I have is from Garage and I love it because it is really comfortable and not itchy or anything. I despise itchy clothes.

So that is what I will typically wear to the movie - sometimes I just go straight for the PJ pants but that is only if it is a really late movie....

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