Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Recap

Although, I said last week I would jump back into blogging, I didn't. Oops. I am going to try this week. 

The last week the only real exciting thing that happened was taking my dress in to get altered. I work with someone who runs her own sewing company on the side so it was really nice to have that connection since I bought the dress back in B.C. and definitely could not get it altered at that store. 

I was really unsure about having a bustle because I hate the look of them and I didn't want the skirt part of my dress to change in look but she was able to do it in a way that didn't change the skirt which really pleased me! 

Also... the dress still fit me! People kind of frowned at me (best way I can describe it) for buying my dress 2 years before the wedding. What if I didn't like it? I didn't need to buy it that early.... what if it doesn't fit me? Yea. It still fits me. And that... is called self control. I did not lose or gain - I maintained the same weight for 2 years. I believe maintaining is harder than losing or gaining so I applaud myself (without sounding full of myself lol)

I also have a sneak peak at some decorations - been slowly getting those together too! 

Yes, those are fake flowers. I am only having two pots like that in all of the reception so do not worry, guests will hardly notice it (except for the ones reading this lol). I figure it just makes more sense because then I can use it somewhere around the house. Going out and buying flowers the day of just seems like such a hassle and they will probably wilt by the end of the night so... I chose to go this way. By the way, isn't Gizmo just so handsome!

And here is a pretty picture I (well Brandyn) took of my bow from Aldo accessories. Love bows :)

And of course for my favourite song of the week:

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