Monday, June 18, 2012

Bucket lists and tabbys

I spent the weekend at my brother's soccer tournament and sure got some sun! A little rosy.... I didn't re-apply my sunscreen as often as I should have. Shame on me! I went to church this morning and was going to get the marriage package but... the office was locked! I have to call tomorrow and see what is up with that (there was a fire and they are doing renos to fix it up so who knows).

I finally figured out how to add tabs to the top of my blog - yay! We have the wedding - don't look in there yet! Haven't done anything with it... My bucket list and my 365 day challenge. That is part of my bucket list. I also plan to add recipes and all my DIY, apartment, projects, etc. in there. Those pictures will be up soon as I am moving to a new apartment in 12 days. I can't wait to share pictures, it's pretttty nice.

I decided to write a bucket list and post it on here so everyone can track my progress ... although.. I'm not sure how long it will take me to do some of the things on there! Here is a preview of something on it:

Look up, clicky and enjoy!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Photo Dump

Ok so two weeks later.... I have my pictures from that weekend I talked about. In terms of wedding, I'm going to the Church this weekend to pick up the wedding package and booking the hall early next week :)

Lots of photos I know but that is your little inside of my life! This weekend I've got my brothers soccer tournament. Going to be laying out on a field in 28 degrees weather. Time to get some bronze goin on! I already look albino compared to the rest of my cousins. I guess that's what living in rain country does to you!

Ta ta!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dress Update & DIY Plans

I got a voicemail the other day from the bridal salon I ordered my dress from. It was originally supposed to come in around June 29th but it's been postponed until around the third week of July. It was kind of funny because on the phone she was saying, "There is no need to be alarmed, this happens all the time." It was in a very calming tone too haha. I wasn't alarmed. Girl my weddings in 2 years! Lots of time. The longer it takes, the less the bridal salon has to keep it stored. It's not like I'm doing any fittings anytime soon anywayyy haha

On another note... When Brandyn and I moved in to our apartment, all we had was bedroom furniture and two desks (one that was mine and one his). We had to save a lot of money for our couch and we bought a coffee table as well. I've been wanting to complete the matching set but alas the money has just not been there.

This is the TV Stand I want. Part of the HEMNES series from IKEA

This is the coffee table we have.

Now the TV stand we have now is a far cry from matching this. It is old, and vintage.. but not in a good way. I follow lots of DIY blogs and I was sitting in front of the TV just staring at it and I thought ... well why don't I try it myself!

I was thinking I could paint it a color that's similar to the coffee table... either that or white because then it will match my desk that is also in the living room. I'm a freak about matching. I can't picture different wood washes looking good in a room although I've seen it. I'm just wierd that way!
I also was looking through home depot for some knobs to replace those ones. That is not a kind of vintage I like! I found these ones...

I like these ones. They are 3.29 a piece but that's ok because I only need 2! I'm horrible at visualizing things together so I can only hope this would all look nice together. Who knows when I'll get around to it anyway. Not until after I move for sure because there's not point in starting this project now....I tend to have this problem lately ... lol

Also, my weekend was great. It was good to see my friends and hang out and stuff. I have lots of pictures that  I will upload soon. I'm just waiting for my friend to upload hers because she has some good ones too! Anyway that is all!

Oh... and 718 days until the wedding! :)

Friday, June 01, 2012

Binder is Done!

For the past little while I've been putting together my own little binder instead of buying one pre-made for me for $50. I grabbed an old binder I used in highschool ... so it's in a bit of rough shape.  I then went and picked up some dividers from Staples. I had to have a cool design so I spent a bit more money than the other ones but they were still only $3. I also grabbed some sleeves to put magazine sheets that I rip out. Now I'm not that smart to figure out what to put in my binder so I got all my graphs and tables and checklists from my book that I mentioned in here. I customized them more to my needs and my budget was calculated by Martha Stewart Weddings and then I put it in on a spreadsheet and printed it.

So anyway enough chit chat ... here is my work!

My budget checklist

 One of the cool divider pages

 One of my sleeves, I put the invitation vendors in this one

 The other side of my invitation sleeve and a bridesmaid dress sleeves

 The cake sleeve and some magazines. The one on the left is a local one. Even though I'm not having my wedding here, I found a lingerie store with long bras while taking this one home and then the one on the right is a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine which I've subscribed to. I keep that and my book handy with my new binder! :) 

Tomorrow I get to see my friend Jolene and her daughter so I'm very excited! 

Ta ta!