Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wedding Band Woes

So in my book that I recommended one bride said she bought her husband’s wedding band on Overstock for like 20 bucks so I decided to check that out. We found a titanium wedding band and with shipping it came out to $60 in total. We went into the jewelry store to get Brandyn sized but unfortunately the lady sized the wrong finger (and Brandyn didn’t know what finger to wear his ring on so he thought the lady sized him right). I was really excited to get this ring ordered for so cheap.

As you can see, the ring has come in and it is actually really nice. Unfortunately it was too big for Brandyn because he was sized on the wrong finger. I then figured out that we can’t size titanium rings!!! How inconvenient what if a guy loses or gains weight?? So disappointed.

So my advise to anybody looking at titanium or tungsten rings - DON’T we were pretty much told that they are “worthless.” We have it up on craigslist now hoping to get the money back but I guess nobody is looking for these rings either :(

Now we are looking into getting white-gold as the titanium is extremely not practical for life. I’ve looked around and we can’t find much in our price range ($250 for each band) so we may go the Overstock route again (which I do still recommend). We just have to go back to the jewelry store and see what style Brandyn likes again.

May 24 2014
Days until Wedding: 790
Theme/Colors: Fairytale / White and Soft Pink
What has been booked: My dress

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding Dress

Hello hello!

Today something very exciting happened! I bought my dress!

Well… I paid half and I will be paying the other half when it comes in in a couple months.
I know it’s so early - I still have a little over 2 years until the wedding but this was a 2011 line dress and I lovveddd it so I couldn’t risk it being discontinued. I doubt I’ll like anything better.

Now I’m not going to reveal what I picked butt I’ll put my final three picks until I chose one :)

Alfred Angelo Belle 2011 (207)

Alfred Angelo Cinderella 2011 (205)

 Maggie Sottero - Karena Royal

May 24 2014
Days until Wedding: 801
Theme/Colors: Fairytale / White and Soft Pink
What has been booked: My dress is bought! $1100 after tax (pretty good compared to what other people I’ve known spend)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Must-Have Book

This book is literally the must have book for every bride.

It has so many helpful tips on how to save money, and just good tips to make sure you don’t get screwed!

There’s also real weddings in there - as the title says - and they explain what they did.

Even if your budget isn’t small - maybe you have a very large budget - who doesn’t want to save money!! More for a down payment on a house, or the honeymoon or whatever you might want to use it for :)

Haha I feel like I just wrote an ad for it..

May 24 2014
Days until Wedding: 802
Theme/Colors: Fairytale / White and Soft Pink
What has been booked: Nothing yet :(

Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess What!

I’m engaged! — Wait, wait lets back up a second! Meet Lauren Oliveira, aka me.

Born in Brampton, Ontario and raised in Chilliwack, B.C..Now at the age of 20, I am engaged to my best friend. I know corny but he actually is.

My fiance - Brandyn is exactly a week under a year older than me. He was born and raised in Chilliwack, B.C. and we met just about 2 months before I turned 16. Started dating a month before I turned 18.

Our wedding will be in the Toronto area - I have a huge family and they all live there. It makes way more sense!
So that was my little introduction to us :)

May 24 2014
Days until Wedding: 804
Theme/Colors: Fairytale / White and Soft Pink
What has been booked: Nothing yet :(