Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Gym Edition:

Top, Pants and Sweater: Under Armour
Shoes: Winners (Although they are Nike)

Not Seen: Sports Bra is Under Armour's UA Bra. I love it so much!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Months

Are you serious? 3 months until the wedding? Thank god. Is that bad? I feel 2 and a half years is way too long to be engaged. Thank god I didn't go for that 2015 date we had originally thought of. 

Anyway. By this date, I had set out to do this...
  • Mail out all invitations (February 28th)
  •  Book hairstylist and makeup artist
  •  Decide on accessories and buy them
  •  Apply for marriage license
  •  Pay off DJ
  •  Pay off florist 
Yikes... and I was doing so good! 

All the invitations will be mailed out on Friday and my makeup and hair was booked literally last week. 

As for the accessories... I need help! I am so picky and I have no idea what I want. Do I want to wear a necklace? Do I want to wear earrings, a bracelet? What kind do I want to wear? I have no idea when that will be done but I know I have to decide soon. 

I also haven't got the marriage license. I probably will do that this month because well.. I think I have to! I saw the cost of it and was a little choked... 

As for paying off those two vendors. That was quite ambitious and a few car repairs threw us a curve ball. I am going to go a different direction now. Instead of paying them in the order that I booked them, I am going to do the famous snowball effect. I will start with the least amount and work our way up. Our cheapest one is technically the cake, but that will be paid by credit card so I don't need to pay cash. 

So here we go, the checklist due by April 24th (ONE MONTH!)
  • Decide and purchase my accessories
  • Get the marriage license 
  • Purchase gifts for parents and attendees (I've actually already started working on this one 
  • Bring in gown to get cut and bustled 
  • Get supplies for favors
  • Finalize floral proposal
  • Plan rehearsal dinner
  • Pay off as many vendors as I can (this is my new goal lol)
  • Book rooms for hotel
  • Buy all decorations (except table decor)
The list got longer but it is also two months. I think I can handle this list but I need some serious help with my accessories. Sigh.



Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Recap

This week only one big thing really happened.

I started off the week by going to the Royal Ontario Museum with Brandyn and my brother. I posted about that in last weeks weekly update. 

Tuesday, I did a bit of work with my business, just getting some things prepared in advance. 

Wednesday was a slack day :)

Thursday morning I had my makeup and hair trial. Love the look, obviously not going to show you ;) It was quite comical though because I had to work and then went there all done up and fancy.

Friday, I ran a bit of errands and on Saturday and Sunday I worked! Due to the lack of excitement with this weekly update, I am providing you with some words of wisdom that I found this week :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

This outfit is definitely filed under the "comfy" category. I absolutely love this sweater. 

I also really love these sweatpants. I know what you are thinking... Lauren.. those are leggings but they are indeed sweatpants! Such a beautiful thing when you can wear sweats that give the impression that they are leggings.

Headband: Aldo
Sweatshirt: Pink (I can't find it online for some reason)
Sweatpants: Roots
Boots: Merrell
Cat: Not available (hehe I'm so cheeky)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Recap

Yesterday was a holiday here in Ontario so the weekly recap is today instead!

Brandyn's birthday was on the 10th. We had a pretty low-key day because we decided to use the family day holiday that was yesterday to do something since that is when we both had the day off.

For Valentine's Day, Brandyn made me dinner and then we went to this cafe called Caffe Demetre which specializes in really elaborate desserts lol. Here are the pictures! 

Yesterday, for Family day, we went to the Royal Ontario Museum. Carter spent the night so I thought I would show this gem. He sleeps like an animal. 

Here are some pictures from the museum.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I got tagged to do a video of "firsts." It is posted on my vlog channel but I thought I would share it here!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly Recap

This week started off with my Birthday on Monday. I turned 22! This picture is from my dinner on Sunday because unfortunately, I had to work on Monday but oh well. That is life! 

As for  the rest of the week, I just did a lot of chores and catching up. I finally called all the hair and makeup people I'm looking at for the wedding so I am just in the process of booking that as well! Brandyn and I also saw this new Monopoly game and just had to get it!

I was the Coke and Brandyn was the Xbox!

I won the first game! I never win Monopoly. This was a pretty fast version of the game too. As you can see I got the best brands in my tower ;) ... Brandyn won the second game though lol

I also thought I would give a shout out to this cereal. We found it in Walmart and decided to give it a try. So good! I ate two bowls .... hehe

Friday, February 07, 2014

The Book Mailbox Part 2

A week or so ago, I showed "the book mailbox" here.

I had put it up with command strips and was a little concerned it wouldn't hold. It seemed to be ok at first. Oddly enough, it held for about 5 days and then I woke up in the morning and it was on the floor. What was really weird was that it is a big metal thing with heavy books and it didn't even wake us up when it fell...

So instead of putting it back up, I rested it on the ledge that sticks out in our wall. I actually grew to like it there so I went and got a picture frame to complete the look so it didn't look so by itself. This is how it turned out.

I actually think I like the way this looks a lot better so it worked out :)