Tuesday, February 04, 2014

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Last week I revealed my dressing table and showed my new makeup brush holder in one of the pictures so today I am showing you how I made it. It is incredibly easy.

I DIY'd this .. obviously lol and it was so easy. 

I literally just found the mason jar in my Dad's cupboard, then I went to Walmart and bought the spray paint and ribbon.

I then just spray painted. As you can see, it for some reason did that droopy thing in the picture. It didn't bother me so I just left it. I think because the glass was so old their may have been something on it because I spray painted something else and it didn't do that but yea, it didn't bother me lol. 

I tied the ribbon around and voila! I also did the same thing to the cup that holds my lip stuff to put on the other side of the mirror.

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY and it provides you with some inspiration! xo

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