Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Months

Are you serious? 3 months until the wedding? Thank god. Is that bad? I feel 2 and a half years is way too long to be engaged. Thank god I didn't go for that 2015 date we had originally thought of. 

Anyway. By this date, I had set out to do this...
  • Mail out all invitations (February 28th)
  •  Book hairstylist and makeup artist
  •  Decide on accessories and buy them
  •  Apply for marriage license
  •  Pay off DJ
  •  Pay off florist 
Yikes... and I was doing so good! 

All the invitations will be mailed out on Friday and my makeup and hair was booked literally last week. 

As for the accessories... I need help! I am so picky and I have no idea what I want. Do I want to wear a necklace? Do I want to wear earrings, a bracelet? What kind do I want to wear? I have no idea when that will be done but I know I have to decide soon. 

I also haven't got the marriage license. I probably will do that this month because well.. I think I have to! I saw the cost of it and was a little choked... 

As for paying off those two vendors. That was quite ambitious and a few car repairs threw us a curve ball. I am going to go a different direction now. Instead of paying them in the order that I booked them, I am going to do the famous snowball effect. I will start with the least amount and work our way up. Our cheapest one is technically the cake, but that will be paid by credit card so I don't need to pay cash. 

So here we go, the checklist due by April 24th (ONE MONTH!)
  • Decide and purchase my accessories
  • Get the marriage license 
  • Purchase gifts for parents and attendees (I've actually already started working on this one 
  • Bring in gown to get cut and bustled 
  • Get supplies for favors
  • Finalize floral proposal
  • Plan rehearsal dinner
  • Pay off as many vendors as I can (this is my new goal lol)
  • Book rooms for hotel
  • Buy all decorations (except table decor)
The list got longer but it is also two months. I think I can handle this list but I need some serious help with my accessories. Sigh.



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