Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pinterest FAIL

Say it isn't so :( .... but to make myself feel better I must say that it wasn't a craft... or a DIY...

It was filed under "Excellent Tips and Tricks"

and it didn't work..

I found this little tippity trick on pinterest saying that if you soak your painted finger nails in cold water it will dry it.... it will also remove all the messyness you have created on your fingers.

Now, I won't lie to you. I'm not the best nail polish painter in the world. I make a serious mess. But I thought well I'm going to try this ... and then I really didn't care because I thought well it will remove it for me! Gold.

 "Ooooerrr I think it's working"

 "Ohh noo that looks foobard"

So there you have it. That did not work. Although I'm thinking to try it one more time with just colder water because while it was cold, it wasn't freeeezing cold. And yes that is the nail polish color. Gosh Black Passion. I got it at Shoppers Drug Mart. Not sure if Gosh sells anywhere else but thought it looked neat because it had this metallic look to it and my other black nail polish sucked.

On another note, I've been thinking and having my 365 day picture in one big post like that... well that's a lot of pictures. So in time I am going to work on adding drop down menus (I don't even remember how I put those tabs up there in the first place unfortunately. I played around and voila it happened.) I figure I can do one for each month and then everything will be more organized for the people who want to view the pictures.

Ta ta!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Pinterest Finds

Alright so a little late in the day (I almost forgot whoops) but here ya go! :)

This makes me excited because I have been looking for a way 
to store my bags without wrecking them for a while = D

Nooo this isn't my way of revealing - I found this and thought they were quite cute :)
This just sounds absolutely delicious. Perfect treat on your birthday
This year, Brandyn and I are going to be cutting waaay down for Christmas.
This should really help. I plan to make a lot of the presents.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Osoyoos, B.C.

The last week of July, we took a small vacation to Osoyoos, B.C. It is a town in the Okanagon maybe you've heard of it... it was about a 6 hour drive. Brandyn and I went with my Mom and a friend of hers and his boat! Haha I've waited my whole life to know someone with a boat.... Anyway I am going to share some pictures and a review of the "resort" we stayed at.

 Our campsite. We do it old school. Although we were surrounded with RVs....

 Arizona Iced Tea.... favourite!

 This observatory bread and breakfast...Brandyn drooled a bit

Ok so now for my review. We stayed at the Nk'Mip campground and RV park. Let me just say this was one pricey stay! It was nice and all but when we got there we were charged with a fee for the extra people AND the extra tents... they were separate fees.... ? Umm.. I can understand getting charged for extra people but extra tents. Or the other way around.. whatever. My Mom came to the conclusion that extra people made sense cause we're using extra water and stuff for the showers. WELL you had to pay for showers as well. And it was not cheap ($1 for 5 minutes). I'm used to camping anyway so I survived with one shower on the 5 night trip but with it being 5 minutes, I was not able to shave my legs or anything which was lame but I guess I'm camping right?

We were also charged with our boat being parked on our campsite because it was an extra vehicle. So let's recap here. We got separate charges for an extra "vehicle", extra people and extra tents. Yea that makes sense. On top of that when we got there, someone was in our lot so clearly they don't actually check so in reality you probably don't actually need to disclose the information of extra vehicles, tents, people... suitcases... shoes ..... ;)

Anyway, Osoyoos itself is a nice little town but I doubt we will be staying there again :)

Oh and boaters beware of the lake, there are some shallow spots right in the middle of it!

Ta ta!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly Pinterest Finds

I'm a little behind on my posts because I was on a little vacation (which I will give you a detailed update on soon) so my pinterest finds is one day late. So sorry for that! haha

I love simple DIY like this and it looks really cool when it is finished!

Both of these from The Beauty Department
Neat little tricks I'd love to try out! 
Sorry, you will have to search through the blogs they don't have direct links. Sneaky buggers ;)

Now as I get more organized with these postings, I will post more because I definitely pin more than 3 things over the course of the week ;) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekly Pinterest Finds

I spend a fair amount of tme on Pinterest. There is a little button you can click on your right that links you to my pinterest board. I have decided every Saturday.. or maybe Sunday haha (I could be busy ya never know).. I'm going to post my favourite pins that I found from the week. Plus, it will keep things a little bit more regular around here since the wedding planning is a tad slow right now.

So anyways... here is my favourites from this week :)

DIY light fixture. I think this is very cool and would love to do this one day.
Note: The original link to this picture, I couldn't find so I apologize for that!

I love this because it's really pretty yet simple and ... well.. I could do it haha

Save your money and do it at home - plus you can put it anywhere on your face. Not just your nose!

Issues with Ceremony Venue

I think I have to start organizing my blog posts that I want to do because I have so many updates for you and I still haven't talked about what happened with the churches like I promised!

I planned this post to be something else but I guess I should do this instead.

Alright so before I begin, I am in no way slamming any religion, I respect everyone's right to practice their religion.

I was originally planning to book the wedding at the catholic church very close to my Dad's house. I was baptized in it and my brother was baptized in it as well. I was pretty worried that they weren't going to let me because I wasn't registered there as I don't live there right now and all the backup I considered didn't really work because they were out of budget (and just seemed like a pain in the butt. I want this to be as simple as possible).

Well... when I took my trip to Toronto I had two weeks to book. I called the church and explained the situation. The lady on the phone didn't seem to impressed, she was kind of patronizing actually which always bugs me but I was at their mercy. She told me I needed to come to mass and talk to the priest to pick up a marriage package. Ok doke no problemo. Or so I thought.

Problem 1:
That weekend my brother had a soccer tournament about 45 minutes away and my Dad absolutely can not be late for his games... I had to do some arm twisting and guilt tripping and he eventually came with me (we weren't even late for the game, we got there as it was starting). So that problem: resolved.

Problem 2:  
After mass, I asked the priest and he said I needed to go get the package from the office. We go to the office and it's locked.. of course because the church office isn't open on weekends!

So now it's Sunday ... my free weekend is gone because the next weekend was my cousin's wedding. I called the next day and asked her the hours and she asked why I was calling and I told her. She says, "You have to go to mass to pick that up." So I said that I did and the priest redirected me here and she was like "oh ok..."

So I go in the next day, my Dad lent me his car for the day so I could go book all the venues (a contract had already been made for the hall my last visit in April, I just needed put the down payment)

The Last Straw:
I was told they were open 9 - 4 except lunch. I decided 1 would be a good time to show up. Lunch should be over by then. I get there, no one is there. So ... I wait. .... for 2 hours. In that 2 hours a group of church volunteers came out of a room and said she had taken her lunch at 11 and would be back in 2 hours. Mhmmm..... So anyway I got to the point where I said.. you know what... I'm just going to leave and go to this other church that's over budget but its christian so they are less strict. As I'm walking out this woman pulls up in her car and she says to me, "do you need the office?" I respond yes and follow her in. I tell her I'm here to pick up the marriage package. She then acts all relaxed and sits there organizing her desk (you know, pulling stuff from her purse and strategically placing it around the desk). She then hands me an envelope and says nothing. I ask, "So do I just fill this stuff out?" And she says, "Fill it out, bring it back in and then I will make an appointment for you to meet with the priest sometime next week."

Maybe I was being a bit delusional but I thought I could just fill out the papers there and then meet with the priest after or within the next couple days but I guess not. Anyway.... I did not have time to deal with that and the way I was being treated ... I wasn't impressed so by that time I was just mad. She knew I was the girl who lived in Vancouver and was leaving .... I politely said ok and walked out that door. I then drove to St Paul's, went in and asked about booking a wedding. She gave me a sheet to fill out, was extremely friendly and said that once I hand in the deposit, it will be booked. I was amazed at how easy that was. I decided we could deal with being $130 over budget for the ceremony but I will have to make sure I stick everywhere else and I've been doing a good job.

I then proceeded to the hall and booked that - also very fast and easy. Done and done. When I got home I told my Dad what happened and his response was, "They're getting to be snobs over there." He was meaning that congregation in the church specifically. I did not feel welcome that's for sure even though that was my family's church. My cousin had also warned me because she had originally went there as well.

In the end though, I am very happy with the church I booked because they are really nice, easy to communicate with and the church itself is beautiful!

Pictures were found here