Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bedroom Inspiration

Yesterday I posted a moodboard for the dressing table I would like to have. Today I am doing our bedroom. If you can recall here, we did have a bedroom set. Key word: did. I was never a fan of the dresser and nightstand that we had so we sold them before we moved. I also gave the mirror to my Mom because it was probably going to break during the move. The only thing we really brought was the bed. 

But... we have decided to keep that here at my Dads and let my brother have it because I have always had my eye on a different bed. When we bought the Hopen bed from Ikea, we did so because we didn't have a bed frame and it was on a special for only $70. It was meant to be temporary. 

Here is what I'm planing for our bedroom when we get our new place:

 (duvet cover from Urban Barn and the rest from Ikea)

Those are the basics. I would accessorize and everything once it is all set up. I originally wanted this nightstand but at almost $400 each, it was a little out of my price range. I've actually been scouting craigslist for most of these items to see if I can score them even cheaper.

Those two dressors are actually really short and at bed height so I am going to use them as nightstands. I like the idea of having nice big nightstands with drawers because that means more storage space :)

As for clothing dressers... I'm not sure what route I'm going with that yet. I'm pretty picky....

Now to just get into an apartment so I can stop telling you my plans and actually SHOW them ... :)

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