Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bridal Shower Color Scheme

With planning any event, you should have a color scheme right? Well until like yesterday... we did not have one for the shower. 

My Mom came into town for work and we took a day to run around and do errands for the shower. In doing that, we figured out exactly what color the napkins that hotel will be giving us. Royal Blue. So I thought... what goes with royal blue? 

Enter The Perfect Palette. I follow them on Pinterest and seriously go to this all the time because I'm horrible for color-coordinating.

So anyway, I found this lovely set: Navy and Pink (I know the napkins are royal blue but it is close enough)

I like how the pink is being included because it is also one of my wedding colors. I would have loved to do pink and gold - that is really in right now - but we weren't paying to rent napkins when they provided us with these certain colors. That is just silly!

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