Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

I've recently made the decision to change up the schedule on my blog. Before I would try to do a post every other day or so but lately I've been finding it harder to post on the weekends. I've decided to now start posting Monday-Friday... kind of like a job and then leaving my weekends free to enjoy and relax! 

So with that being said, Mondays will be dedicated to a little Weekend Recap as a ways for my family and friends back in BC to keep up with what I'm doing. Also, it will give a chance for anybody who follows my blog that I don't know to get to know me better!

On Friday we pretty much just relaxed at home but what I did do was work on the sign for my ring bearer to carry. You can see the post on that here

Saturday was another pretty chill day. Brandyn and I have been looking into moving into Burlington which is basically halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls and it is right on the lake. The reason being, that is where he works. We called our insurance place to get a quote on if we moved there and we found out the car insurance would drastically go down so that was another plus plus! 

I started looking at apartments and let me tell you, Burlington ain't cheap but I did find a place that I loved and we could afford! Check out this floor plan:

Do you see what I see?! Ample closets... I count 3! A washer and dryer in the suite AND a little storage room! So perfect. Brandyn wasn't sold on the price of this place but then I mentioned that the building has a gym, sauna, hot tub, and salt water pool plus a games room with a pool table and such. Then he was all for it. Unfortunately, they don't have any of these suites available at the moment so I'm just going to keep checking in periodically to see if anybody has given notice. 

On Sunday, my brother had a game so we went out to Burlington (ah you hear that name again) to watch. They won 3-1 :) And then we went to my Aunt's house to celebrate my Grandma's 78th birthday! While I was there I snapped this (poor quality) shot of my cousin's dog sleeping on my arm like a baby! Such tenderness!

Anyways I hope you have an awesome week! Tomorrow I will be posting about our road trip to Georgia!

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