Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Wedding DJ

 We have booked the DJ .... yay *round of applause*
It feels good to be checking things off the list.
My budget for the DJ was a measly $652.... 
The average DJ in the Toronto area runs about $1500 and up


So if you find yourself in this kind of predicament like myself, here is what you do...

Use people! I got on the local board in my wedding forum and asked if anybody knew of any budget friendly DJs.... It is funny how "budget friendly" is the known term for cheap. 
 Someone answered my call and recommended this DJ out of Hamilton. I looked them up and sure enough their package is $550.  Perfect! I called them and made an appointment and the guy drove all the way out to my area to meet me which was awesome and there is no travel charge for the day of the wedding.
For those wondering, it is about a 45 min to an hour drive from Hamilton to my area depending on the route you take.

Here are some questions I made sure to ask:
1) What exactly is included in the package?
2) Do you have cultural (Portuguese) music?
3) Can I customize the music to what I like (ie. no play / must play lists)

Here is my package:
5 pm to 1 am, request cards, light show, early set up, consultations
 My Mom wanted a slideshow but that was an extra $100 so I said if she wants it she can pay for it :) Even with that slideshow I actually still come under budget which is great. 

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