Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monthly Favourites

So I realized a couple weeks ago that I completely forgot the Monthly Favourites post last month... sorry! Here are my favourites for the month of July.

1. Rose Gold - The watch can be found here and the ring here. Rose gold is in right now. I adore it. I don't like gold at all but rose gold... Yes Please

2. Chain-Link Bracelets - Love these bracelets. I'm not a huge huge fan of jewelry but I love these. I have this specific one. It is so cute and what I like most is that the material is silicone so you don't feel that cold metal feeling. 

3. Wide Toothed Comb - For those with thick hair, you need these for brushing through it while wet. I used to always use my brush because I had no patience to use a comb but it is way better for the hair and when I want to leave it curly, it preserves a bit of the curls as well. Never brush your hair wet with a brush!

4. Baseball T's - Otherwise known as Raglan Tees. I had to look far and wide for one of thse which is odd because now that I have one, I see them everywhere. But anyways, they are so comfy and the look it gives is very effortless but they are still flattering. If you don't have one, you need to get one. Period.

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  1. Would you ever consider starting a beauty blog or youtube channel?