Saturday, July 06, 2013

Couch lovin

I was browsing the Ikea website one day (I think I know their inventory by heart) and I spotted this!

The color really stood out for me. Love light/pastel hues of mostly every color in the chart! But as I looked at this sofa I thought, "Well that looks a little dinky."

I was mistaken. I went into Ikea for their summer sale and I saw it in the showroom. It is HUGE! You could have two people sleep on those cushions they are so deep and it was so comfortable.

Here is a picture of it all set up in a room to give you a better idea:

Isn't it be-u-ti-ful! 

While I love the blue color, I like to play it safe and I'd rather get something more neutral... like this one:

While I love the big huge sectional, I don't think it would fit into most living rooms we will be occupying in the near future. So I picked this one....$1,140 price tag.... It's not thaaat bad right??

But... I don't think that we will be buying this thing anytime soon although I would love to... We have a sofa and we also don't really have our own living room to put it in sooo

Until then I will just dream :)

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