Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Update

This past week was pretty eventful! Let's let the pictures explain :)

We finally got some sheets for the bed that actually fit our mattress. Our new mattress definitely calls for extra deep sheets - we found these ones at Target.  All that is needed to complete the "dressing of the bed" is some extra pillows! I still have to find one's that I like.

We also completed all of our Christmas shopping this week so the tree is completely filled with presents. I just love the look! :)

 I also got my new Sigma brushes in and they even threw in a gift which is the travel version of a brush I was going to order later anyway! So exciting. I am in love with these brushes and you can expect a review on them in my monthly favourites ;)

We also drove downtown to go to the Christmas market in the distillery district. I have never been there before and was just awestruck. It is so beautiful. If it wasn't so far (and wasn't $400 for a permit) I would definitely be having my wedding pictures there. It was also -20 degrees that night and extremely windy so probably wasn't the best night to go but the only night we could!

Here is my mandatory shot of the CN tower - it is all light up in Christmas colors so I was extra excited.

We got to take this picture with Santa for free! Silly me didn't change the settings on the camera so it is a tad over-exposed... whoops! lol

We also got hit with this massive snow storm this weekend. This picture was just the start of it... As you can see, you can't really distinguish between the sky and the lake but I assure you, the lake is there...

I still trudged on to work... when I was waiting for the bus I literally couldn't see a thing because the snow was blowing in my eyes! When I got inside work, my face was so red because the snow wasn't really snow.... it was ice...and it was hitting my face. It was wild! What is funny is I actually saw someone out for a jog and I just looked at her and said, "No excuses hey?"

Work was dead.... lol

So that was pretty much my week! I still can't believe Christmas is next week!!! Yay!
This week you can look forward to a special "challenge" I did with Brandyn (it is Christmas themed too!) Also, I'm going to reveal what I got Brandyn for Christmas to give you some ideas for the special guy in your life and an edible Christmas gift :) 

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