Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Wish-List

Every Christmas (and for my birthday), I get asked what I want from my Dad and Brandyn. My Dad I can forgive (because he doesn't go shopping with me) but Brandyn hasn't picked up on how to make a mental note every time I say I want something and walk away from it lol. I can forgive him too, he is only a male after all! 

Anyway so I have to create this list for both of them and often times I would get to Christmas time and get a mind blank. "Umm... what do I want? :/" And to make matters worse, my birthday is literally just over a month after so I would get what I wanted for Christmas and then have to re-create a new list in a month? I know, first world problems right?! I feel ashamed after writing this.

Anyway so this past year I decided that every time I came across something I wanted, I wrote it down in my favourite organizing app (more on that in another post that is coming soon). If I bought it for myself, I would cross it off. If I didn't by Christmas, it would go on my wish list!

So,  I had this big plan to create this really organized looking list just like I did on my paper that I gave out but for the life of me, I can not find my list. So I will go back to my app and try to figure out what I did and didn't put on there (because I didn't put everything). 

Oh and for the record, this is not some gloating, I'm a spoiled brat post lol I hate when people post their haul of gifts after Christmas but I figured I could give you ideas by showing you what I'm coveting (and have been for probably a very long time). 

When I did the list up on paper, I made it very detailed - you need to do this when working with guys here ladies. I categorized by price point and then I put the item, where to find it, and the color and size if applicable! Ok so enough of this mindless chit chat here it is!

Over $100

  •  Clarisonic Mia 2 in pink or  light blue. $175 from Sephora 
  •  Silhouette Portrait $139 from Amazon - I have actually been wanting this for over a year now, basically ever since I entered the blogging world and was shown the amazing things it could do
  • Camelback Running backpack $139 from the Running Room
Over $50

  • Lululemon Yoga Pants $98 - the only one I didn't give detail to because I have no idea what my size is. A gift card would have sufficed
  • Too Faced "A Few of my Favourite Things" Palette $68 from Sephora - sold out now or I would link it
  • Under Armour Hoodie $64 - I saw one that was white with a light pink logo and I loved it but any color would be fine
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 $62 from Sephora

Over $25

  • UA Running Gloves $34
  • Remington Curling Wand $30 at Target
  • Maple Leaf's Toque $25 at Foot Locker

I know there were quite a few more in the cheaper ranges but I just can't remember because I don't have my list with me. As you can see, there are some expensive gifts. That is basically the reason they are still on my list! Also you can see a bit of a pattern with a few of my gifts! I guess I developed a bit of a theme - beauty & fitness! I didn't do it on purpose. Hmm. 

Also whatever doesn't get bought (I obviously don't expect to get everything on there - I just like to give options) is just on the list for my birthday :) Like I said in my 50 facts about me video, on Christmas, I would be happy with a chocolate bar as long as it is wrapped because I just love ripping up some wrapping paper! But people, including myself, hate it when you ask someone what they want and they respond with I don't know so I gave my gift givers a very detailed list with options in every price point :)

What is on your wish list this year? Leave me a comment! Always curious to hear from you!

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