Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Recap

This week we have just been trying to get settled in and into a new routine. Here are a few pictures to represent it!

We got a frame for the bed so this is a little preview with Brandyn building it!

.... and my view that night (isn't Gizmo charming?) lol 

I also put up these. Yes, the picture frames are lacking pictures lol. I still have to find what I am going to put in there but I wanted it up :)

I got this little drawer thing to put all my beauty stuff in (the start of my vanity). When I was building it we were missing one screw so I couldn't put a drawer in.... well Gizmo thought I purposely did that so he could have a little bed there. lol

 And this is a little funny picture I had to post. I finished putting all (well almost all) of my clothes in the closet and yea... I take up more than a third of that closet hehe but... isn't that how it usually is...;) 

So as you can see I have given you a few previews of what the apartment is looking like. I plan to post a "1 month in" kind of check in to see what we have done with the place but you will have to wait until we have been here for a month for that :)

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