Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dining Room Art

I have this big empty wall in my dining room. 

I was originally going to put some temporary wallpaper on it and make it a feature wall but after doing some research, that stuff is really expensive! I have opted to put some art there but not just any art.... city map art! (Psst. I also wanted to put a sweet pendant lamp there but Brandyn is in love with the fact that we have ceiling fans)

"You're going to put maps on your wall?" .... not quite!

I would explain but I can show you instead :)

Isn't it neat?! I am so excited. Toronto, San Francisco and New York are my three favourite cities so that is how those ones got picked but you can find these all over Etsy for tons of different cities. This shop is where these are from.

I haven't ordered them yet but I hope to very soon so I can get them up and looking prettyful :)

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