Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two Lies and a Truth: The Reveal

Last week I posted a little game to get everyone active...

... about 3% of viewers commented on that post. Oh well. At least some of you felt compelled to. Here are the results!

1. When I was a child, this line came out of my mouth:
a. "I'm full....but I can have dessert because only my dinner compartment is full... not my dessert compartment" 
b. alarm goes off , "I'm already awake stupid machine!"
c. Mom is on the phone planning a date and I want to talk to him, "Hi. Do you think you wanna marry my mom? .... Because I want you to get my mom a baby. Oh. Okay. Bye."

2. My favourite thing to do as a kid was:

a. play barbies
b. ride my bike
c. play basketball 

3. When I was a kid I wanted to be this when I grew up:

a. an architect - I still would be but I found out in grade 5 that I was horrible at geometry and then in grade 8, it wasn't getting any better so I had to get up that dream
b. a lawyer
c. a doctor

4. In high school, I was on/in:

a. the soccer team
b. vocal jazz - I tried to be on the soccer team but it confliced with this.... 
c. nothing. I was totally lazy

5. In college, the job I had was:

a. tutor
b. I didn't have a job - I did not have a job! I was not lazy haha I was too busy with school and doing practicum while in school. It was like working full time and going to school full time... at the same time
c. worked at Walmart

6. In high school, a classmate once pegged me as:

a. the best dressed
b. the cranky one
c. the one who knows all the gossip - Yep.. I always knew everything 

7. As a child, I thought I could be in a talent show for:

a. singing - like every other child
b. dancing
c. comedy

8. It took me this long to be able to drive on roads that had traffic:

a. 3 weeks
b. 1 day
c. 2 months - Nobody guessed this actually. For the record I was learning standard so yes it took me a while to be able to drive in traffic without stalling. 

9. I originally went to university to do this:

a. be an architect
b. be a lawyer - Love law! I found my law class so interesting! But.. I didn't want the lifestyle of a lawyer (always working and stuff) and I didn't want to go to school for 8 years so I ultimately switched it up. 
c. be a teacher

10. I consistently do this wrong no matter how often I'm corrected:

a. use "half time" for every break period in sports - Soccer is my main thang... 
b. say "I seen" instead of "I saw"
c. set up the computer wires in the back

So anyway the person who guessed the most right with a whopping 9/10 right was...

Jolene!! Congrats Jolene. I have nothing to give you for your efforts except this recognition (maybe when you guys start making me money I can have some cool giveaways ;)) 

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