Friday, September 20, 2013

New buys for the new place!

Over the past few months that we have lived here, we have picked up a few things for our new place!

I got this TV bench on a Wacky Wednesday special at Ikea. We don't have it put together yet but this is what it will look like. The middle "drawers" fold open so you can have it open when you are using your DVD player, game console or whatever and then when you are done you can close it to have a nice clean look. I especially love the huge drawers on the side. They are so deep and come with DVD trays that slide back and forth so there is loads of storage in this thing. 

Urban Barn was having a sale - extra 50% off already reduced home accessories. We picked up this regular I think $30 rug for ... wait for it.... $6 bucks! I know, unbelievable. I wasn't thrilled with the greens when I got it because I'm not a huge fan of green but it has grown on me. We plan to put it in our kitchen.

I picked this up when we were in Niagara Falls at the little Coke shop. I love it! It will sit right on our table (when we get one) :) 

This is another thing I picked up at Urban Barn's sale. These were regular $6 bucks and I got them for $1 each. They are so pretty, I haven't seen anything like it around. Unfortunately they were almost sold out of them so I only got 2 of each. I love that the wine goblet is so large because I don't really drink wine so I can use it as a water goblet but when people come over, they can drink wine out of it :)

Brandyn and I have been going without bed side lamps since we moved in together (and out of our parent's house). I am so picky and I find them so expensive. Well one day I walked into HomeSense and found these suckers. It was love at first sight and they weren't even that expensive! I have kept the wrap around the shade to protect it during the move ... it doesn't actually come like that lol

And last but not least, Ikea had a special where we could get 2 of these Malm drawers for a certain price so I went and picked up 2 in the white color. I plan to do some DIY with these to spruce it up but they are going to be used as our bedside tables. The other ones I had wanted to get were just too expensive but I still wanted something with 3 drawers so we had extra clothes storage (I'm losing my walk in closet... shedding a tear right now). These are the perfect size to do just that.

That is all... for now :) 

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