Friday, September 06, 2013

Blog Love: First Home Dreams

The biggest thing I love about First Home Dreams is that it is a local (to me) blog. I love finding good blogs that are around me because when they share ideas, I know that I can find them and you just basically feel a better sense of community with them.

Ashley started out with this blog to document a restoration of her first house which happened to be an old farmhouse (the type I adore). Like a lot of people, she fell out of love with her home and has moved on to another one which is still an old farmhouse. So she basically takes you on the journey of restoring her house on her blog.

Ashley isn't a full time blogger and blogs a little more sporadically than a lot of the other ones I am going to show you. If you love old architecture but don't want to be having to check up every day with the blog... you should try out reading hers.

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