Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Love List

I have this board on Pinterest titled "Wish List." Every time I come across cool products that I want to remember for when I actually have the money to buy them, I place them there. So that being said I thought I would share them because some of them are pretty neat! (Psst. you can click on the name of the product and it will bring you to the page where you can buy it)

So basically you just place this anywhere, over the sink, on the counter like showed in the picture and it holds the iron. I love this especially because there is never enough space on the bathroom counters as it is! And it will save you from getting burn marks on other pieces of furniture (speaking from experience here)

When I saw this, I thought that this is the solution to all my problems! Well not all but definitely a issue in my household. See I definitely need to not free feed my cats because they are big snackers and just snack all throughout the day which is no good. The problem was when I wouldn't be home when it was feeding time. So this thing you can put in how much you want to have fed to them and what times to do it. Can't wait to get this one.

Apparently this is the "colossal cheat cheat for your post college years." I personally like these kind of books. Not necessarily self help but more of a funny version of it. I mean there's a whole page on how to handle spinach in your teeth.... 

Umm how awesome is this t-shirt? I will take one please.

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