Thursday, November 07, 2013

1 Month In: The Kitchen and Dining

Moving along to the kitchen and dining room portion of the apartment...



The kitchen is slowly becoming organized. It is one of the rooms that takes the most work to organize so it definitely doesn't happen over night. I've implemented a few things here and there. Using your vertical space is one of the best ways to maximize on space in your cupboards so I got this shelf for my plates and as you can see a few of my soup bowls and mugs fit right in there as well. This one is from Target.

This is the little coffee corner. I grabbed one of these hangers from Home Outfitters. It just hooks on to the bottom of the cabinet. Mugs are easy to reach and the sugar is right there as well. 

Pots are one of the most annoying things. Especially the lids. I have this little shelf built into my cupboard so that makes it easier. I also got this lid organizer from Target. It is a life saver. As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it, no questions asked. Eventually I would like to install one of those pull out things (see here) for the pots and pans. They are kind of expensive so it may be a while before that makes its way into here.

For the kitchen, I still need to:
  • Finish organizing everything
  • Get some art
  • Get a new microwave**

**The story behind the microwave: It is huge and it is heavy. There is no working plug on that side of the counter so not only does it take up a ton of space over there, it also needs to be moved every time we want to use it. Not convenient at all. We can't get around the moving it part but what we can do is get a smaller one. Can't wait for that day!

Now for the dining room!


And now:

The garbage is in the dining room because that is the only place we can put it lol. I also have that little island there with the mixer on top. That is my "baking station." The baskets underneath hold all my baking stuff. Pans, measuring cups and all that. I got them from Walmart (and the island thing from Ikea). It is actually a perfect spot because if I need more counter space or am baking, I can just wheel the island forward and place it in front of the kitchen doorway!

Say hello to the maroon blinds that came with the apartment.... moving on. The basket in the back holds blankets and wedding stuff. We got that at Target for a steal because the price was labelled wrong. I personally don't think it was worth $70 anyway....

And here is a closer look at my baskets. You can see I have 2 small ones at the top. I originally wanted wire baskets but I couldn't find any that were the size I wanted so this had to do.

Here is what I have left to do in the dining room: 
  • Get the art I talked about in a previous post
  • Do some DIY magic to the island (it probably won't be done until the spring because it involves warm weather to let paint dry)
  • Replace the temporary fold up chairs with real (and by real I mean nice) dining room chairs

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